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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are your last set of teeth that come in. Wisdom teeth often begin to appear within your teenage years and can come as late as your twenties. Too often wisdom teeth develop with complications. Crowding, impacted wisdom teeth or other issues can develop as your wisdom teeth begin to emerge. Wisdom teeth are often extracted to eliminate future issues that may develop.

Afraid Of The Dentist?

Dental phobia is an issue for some individuals, and tooth extraction tends to be feared more than any other dental treatment like fillings. With local anesthetic, Dr. Bruggeman is confident your experience will be as comfortable as possible. When sever cases of phobia's exist ask our dentist about sedation.

Wisdom Teeth Healing Process

Immediately after a wisdom tooth is removed, a bite pack is used to apply pressure to the tooth socket and stop the bleeding. After a tooth extraction, Dr. Bruggeman or his dental assistant will give instruction on how to care for the extracted area. Typically you are not to disrupt the area by touching the the socket with a finger or the tongue. You should avoiding vigorous rinsing of the mouth and strenuous activity. Allow a blood clot to form within the area. If the blood clot is dislodged, bleeding can restart and dry socket can develop. Dry socket can be very painful and delay the healing process. Please avoid smoking for at least 24 hours as it impairs wound healing and makes dry socket significantly more likely. Dr. Bruggeman may also recommend a warm, salt-water mouth wash at periodic intervals.


Dr. Bruggeman believes in using the latest in technology to provide you comfort and the best dental care possible. The use of electric drills allows your procedure to run more smoothly and quite. Stop by and see the difference new technology makes with dental care.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Bruggeman's main goal is to provide the best dental treatment possible while making you comfortable in the dental office.

Over the 12+ years he has practiced he has been able to further his knowledge by participating in several continuing education courses that has allowed him to treat most every dental need. - read more

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