We need dentists at every stage of our lives. In the same way as we need GPs, dentists will be able to see us from childhood and follow our oral health journey all the way into adulthood. Having the same dentist throughout your lifetime can be useful because they will learn to know who you are and what your issues are – and you will feel more comfortable in their presence as you will know them firsthand. 


Family dentistry in Thornton is a form of dentistry that is able to treat people of all age. Where there are specialists for adults and children, this brings everyone together and can be a useful thing for new parents looking to sign up to a dentist this year. 


When you decide to choose a family dentist for your oral health needs – you are choosing a practice that is able to treat both you and your children as you grow and change through your lives. It is the same as signing up for your local doctors practice and will be a place you can stay with for the whole of your life. 


What do they do?

When considering a family dentist in Thornton this year it is important to consider exactly what a family dentist does and the things they can treat. These are some of the things a family dentist will do in their practice as services they can provide. 


Regular exams

It is important to have a dental exam every 6 months to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. A family dentist will examine your teeth, gums, neck and jaw to ensure that you are fit and healthy and that you don’t have signs of illness. Your dentist will also perform teeth cleaning and this can be useful to do every 6 months or so to make your teeth feel fresh and new. 


Fluoride treatments 

Fluoride treatments are often used to prevent tooth decay and this is a treatment that is done very often in children. Children are more likely to eat more sugar and not brush their teeth properly and your family dentist can provide these treatments to protect their teeth and ensure that they don’t start to rot. 



Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments and a family dentist can provide this for everyone in the family. They will first check for signs of tooth decay or cavities – and once identified they can put a filling in to protect the root of the tooth and ensure that you can live your day to day life in comfort. 



It is important to note that not every family dentist will provide this service but some will. This is where you can get recommendations for teeth straightening and braces. 

Bruggeman dental is a top family dentist in the Thornton, Colorado area and they provide expert services for both you and your children. Give them a call on 720-734-3725 to book a consultation today.