General Dentistry Dental bridges Tooth extractions Bruggeman dental dentist in thornton colorado Dr. Scott Bruggeman There are many different types of dentistry, which can often make it difficult when you have some sort of oral problem and you do not know what sort of dentist you need to see. You do not need to worry, though, as we are going to explain everything to you so you can get a better understanding. In this post specifically, we are going to take a look at general dentistry so that you can understand what this is and what it covers.


What is General Dentistry

General dentistry covers a number of different treatments and procedures. This can include initial diagnostics, such as wax molds, CAT scans, and x-rays, as well as consultations. A number of different methods can be used to determine the problem with your teeth before the actual treatment is determined and carried out. 

We will take a look at some of the most common treatments that are carried out by general dentists so that you can get a better understanding.


Fillings (General Dentistry)

The first treatment that we are going to mention is fillings. Teeth can be filled with a number of different materials. This includes composite resin, porcelain, mercury, amalgam, and gold. 


Dental Crowns

Another treatment carried out by dentists are dental crowns. These are artificial caps or teeth that the dentist can fit over teeth that are damaged or broken. These will maintain the structure of the teeth and protect them from damage in the future.


Dental Bridges (General Dentistry)

General dentists can also add a bridge to your teeth. This is a type of structure that features an artificial tooth that is anchored to a number of crowns. These crowns go on top of natural teeth on either side of your gap, which can help with securing the false tooth into the right place so that a natural look is achieved.


Root Canals

A general dentist can also offer root canal treatment, which is a type of procedure that is conducted when the pulp or the tissue inside of the tooth becomes infected. This procedure can be performed by a general dentist, yet there are also endodontic dentists that are experts in these treatments.


 Dentures (General Dentistry)

Dentures are also carried out by general dentists. These are essentially false teeth. Dentures help if you have a number of teeth missing, either by disease or accident. They are made to look natural, yet they are removable. 


Dental Exam

You may also decide to see a general dentist because you want them to carry out a professional scale and polish on your teeth, which is a dental cleaning. 


Bonding (General Dentistry)

Finally, bonding is another type of procedure that general dentists carry out. With this, a type of resin is used as a glue, sticking a material, such as veneer to your tooth. This tends to be used when you have a damaged tooth.


To conclude, there are many different treatments carried out by general dentists. If you would like to discover more or you wish to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to call us and get in touch with us today for more information and we would be happy to help you.