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Here at Bruggeman Dental, we complete dental implant procedures to only the highest standard. Dental implants are supportive structures which replace lost or removed teeth. They form a structure which can support tooth replacements such as crowns. Dental implants form the ‘root’ part of the tooth which connects with your jaw bone, and are essential components for replacing missing teeth.


If you are local to Thornton, Colorado, read on to see how dental implants work, and the process of getting them!


What Is The Process of Getting Dental Implants?

Here is a step-by-step guide of what happens when you need dental implants.


1. Your Dental Examination

If you have a missing tooth or have had a tooth extracted due to breakage, infection or misplacement, you might be wondering what happens next. The first stage to replacing the tooth is to have a full dental examination. The Bruggeman Dental dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and conduct an X Ray on your jaw bone. They will also take a mould of your teeth, too. Some other specialists might be involved, such as a periodontist or a medical doctor, to assess the safety risks an implant might pose to your oral health. This is done to determine whether it’s possible to get a dental implant put in.


2. The Surgery

Once you have been approved for dental implants and the appointment is set up, you will have your dental implant surgery. It’s possible that you will have more than one implant done at once. You will be placed under anaesthesia for the operation. There are very few safety risks this operation poses, so don’t worry!


3. Healing and Next Steps

Your gum will need time to heal around the implant that has been put in. The implant works as a substitute for your tooth root, so understandably, it needs three to six months to bed into your jaw and be built upon with a further structure such as a crown.


Why Get Dental Implants?

There are other options for replacing lost teeth, such as a bridge. A bridge is a replication of your current tooth structure which is held and supported by the surrounding teeth in your mouth.


However, dental implants are a more failsafe option than bridges. Although bridges are quicker and easier to have put in, they are less effective as a long term solution to a missing tooth. Dental implants replicate the root of your tooth, meaning they behave in exactly the same way as a regular tooth would. Implants become a part of your dental structure, as the gum heals around them, creating a strong foundation for any additional tooth replacements. 


Dental implants last a lifetime, and here at Bruggeman Dental, we are invested in your oral health for life. Unlike high-maintenance bridges, dental implants do not affect the teeth that surround them, and require very little maintenance care – other than regular oral healthcare – once they are healed.


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