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Bruggeman Dental offers high-end dental care to patients and is very focused on a health-centered approach to creating dental health that is long term. When coming into our office you are immediately a part of our family and are treated with respect. It is important to us for the people of Westminster, CO to have a local dentist that they can count on to give them the best dental care that can be provided.

Dr. Bruggeman is a dedicated and passionate dentist who has dedicated over 20 years to helping people obtain the oral health that they desire. Believing that education is very important, Dr. Bruggeman is always educating himself on new findings and keeping his office up to date with new technologies that make treatment better for you. At Bruggeman Dental it is most important to us to have our patients feel comfortable and have a trusting relationship with our team.

Our main goal is to help our patients achieve optimal oral care and education on how to prevent damage from occurring. Taking care of your teeth is long term and we want to help you keep your smile sparkling.

Westminster, COWestminster, CO

When driving down the streets in Westminster one will not be disappointed with all the beauty it has to offer. Colorado is a beautiful state that provides so many different opportunities for people to increase their quality of life. Westminster is a beautiful city that has the feels of a small town with beautiful modern architecture and facilities.

Surrounded by mountains, Westminster is a very calming and wonderful city for anyone. In nearby neighborhoods, you will find people in all different stages of life whether it be a family or younger individuals starting new. This city has every opportunity available for children, families, and career-building individuals to partake in.

Because of its beauty, some of the main attractions in Westminster deal with going out and experiencing the beautiful land. Many people can enjoy river rafting, hiking, or even going to the butterfly zoo. If you love the outdoors and enjoy living in an area with many others who share the same passion, Westminster is a place you will feel at home and very comfortable.