About Us

If you need a family dentist near Brighton, CO you have come to the right place, welcome to Bruggeman Dental! Here at our office, we believe that every patient deserves a positive and comfortable experience at the dentist. For people of all ages, going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking and stressful experience. Knowing this we have taken all measures possible to ensure that you and your family are stress-free while receiving the highest quality of dental care.

When it comes to your smile, we want the best for you and your family. Dr. Bruggeman or Dr. B has been practicing dentistry for twenty years and is constantly continuing his education with new practices and dental technology. We need to stay updated and educated on new dental findings to be able to give you the best oral care possible.

About Brighton, CO

brighton colorado snow and trees

If you are wanting to raise your family in a great community Brighton, CO is the place for you! This suburban area has many great neighborhoods filled with families and young business owners. Being twenty minutes away from Denver and the Denver airport places Brighton in a very convenient place to accommodate all your needs.

Brighton is known for having a small-town feel but also being a great place for shopping for all essentials when not wanting to go into the big city. Has all the benefits of a big city but less chaos that a big city brings. When moving to Brighton one will notice the dedication of the community to keeping history and culture alive while also progressing with the times.

When living in Brighton one will never be bored! Surrounded by beautiful mountains and agriculture there are so many opportunities and activities to keep you busy! One of Brighton’s main attractions to visitors and locals is Barr Lake, State Park. Barr Lake offers many activities for people of all ages to enjoy including hiking, views of wildlife, horseback riding, and more!


This beautiful and safe community is perfect for anyone who is looking to plant their roots or start a business.