girl with athletic mouth guardPlaying sports is fun and it’s great for your health and wellbeing but it can be dangerous. If you’re participating in activities that carry a risk of dental injuries, we strongly recommend using an athletic mouth guard. 


What is an athletic mouth guard?

An athletic mouth guard is a device, which is designed to be worn during physical activity. Athletic mouth guards are also known as sports mouth guards and they are used by participants in a wide range of activities. When you play sports, you may need to take steps to protect your body from injury. You might wear a helmet, knee pads or shoulder pads, for example. Some people also choose to wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards provide a protective barrier, shielding the teeth to reduce the risk of injuries. 

It is possible to buy athletic mouth guards from online retailers or sports stores and mold them yourself at home but at Bruggeman Dental, we advise our patients to invest in high-quality, custom-made mouth guards. Our dentist-made devices offer superior protection and they are bespoke, ensuring a perfect fit. 

We recommend mouth guards for athletes and participants of all ages and abilities. Examples of sports you should wear a protective mouth guard for include boxing, martial arts, rugby, horse racing, football, ice hockey, field hockey, wrestling and lacrosse. 


Reasons to get an athletic mouth guard

Many of us love playing sports and we relish the thrills and spills of fast-paced games and close-fought contests. While leading an active lifestyle is hugely beneficial for physical and mental health, some activities carry a high risk of dental injuries. Reasons to buy a sports mouth guard include:

  • Protecting your teeth and preventing dental injuries

The primary benefit of wearing an athletic mouth guard is protecting your teeth. Hard balls, contact with opponents and surfaces and punches and kicks can all cause damage to the teeth. With a mouth guard, you can lower the risk of common injuries such as cracked and broken teeth and dislodged teeth, also known as tooth avulsion. 

  • Enhancing performance

Whether you’re an ambitious amateur or an elite athlete, you want to give every game or training session your best shot. With a custom-designed athletic mouth guard, you can protect your teeth without worrying about being uncomfortable and you can feel confident about going into tackles or trying to get on the end of a ball moving at speed. 


What does the process involve?

If you choose to have an athletic mouth guard made by your dentist, you will be invited to attend two appointments. During the first appointment, your Thornton dentist will create an impression of your mouth, which will be used to create your custom-made mouth guard. The mold will be sent away to a laboratory where skilled technicians will work their magic. When your mouth guard has arrived back with us, we will fit it and make sure that you are completely comfortable. You can then start wearing your mouth guard and enjoying peace of mind. 


Athletic mouth guards at Bruggeman Dental in Thornton, Colorado

If you love to play sports, we’re here to help you protect your teeth and keep injuries at bay. To find out more about our dentist-made athletic mouth guards, contact us today!